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axlNode * axl_node_get_child_called ( axlNode parent,
const char *  name 

Allows to get a particular child node from the given node (axlNode).

NOTE: This function isn't XML Namespace aware. You must use axl_ns_node_get_child_called instead. See axl_ns_doc_validate.

parentThe parent node where the child will be looked up.
nameThe name for the child to search.
A refernce to a axlNode or NULL if no child exists called by the name provided, inside the node provided. Do not release (axl_node_free) result returned by this function. It is a reference to the internal document.

References axl_item_get_next(), axl_item_get_type(), axl_return_val_if_fail, ITEM_NODE, and NODE_CMP_NAME.

Referenced by axl_doc_get_list().