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AxlItemType axl_item_get_type ( axlItem item)

Allows to get the item type that represents the reference received (axlItem).

Every axlItem represents a particular content that could be found inside an xml document parsed by the library (axlDoc). This function allows to return the type associated to the element encapsulated by the axlItem. See AxlItemType for more details.

itemThe reference that is required to return its type.
The type that is inside the reference or -1 if it fails.

Referenced by axl_item_are_equal_full(), axl_item_copy(), axl_item_free(), axl_item_get_content(), axl_item_new(), axl_item_new_ref(), axl_item_remove(), axl_item_replace(), axl_node_copy(), axl_node_get_child_called(), axl_node_get_child_nth(), axl_node_get_child_num(), axl_node_get_childs(), axl_node_get_content(), axl_node_get_content_trim(), axl_node_get_first_child(), axl_node_get_last_child(), axl_node_get_next(), axl_node_get_pi_target_content(), axl_node_get_pi_target_list(), axl_node_get_previous(), axl_node_has_pi_target(), axl_node_have_childs(), axl_node_is_empty(), and axl_node_set_is_empty().