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const char * axl_node_get_content_trim ( axlNode node,
int *  content_size 

Allows to get the content inside the provided node, trimming the head and trailing white spaces found.

Note that calling to this function will modify the node content, removing beginig and ending "white spaces" found. Once the function is called, the node content will be returned by axl_node_get_content already trimmed.

nodeThe node where the content will be trimmed and returned.
content_sizeThe node content size reference where the content size will be reported.
The reference returned is an internal copy that must not be deallocated. The function always return content. If the node has no content, the function will return an empty string (but never a NULL value).

References axl_item_get_type(), axl_return_val_if_fail, axl_stream_trim_with_size(), ITEM_CDATA, and ITEM_CONTENT.