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axl_bool axl_node_is_empty ( axlNode node)

Allows to check if the provided axlNode is empty.

If a node have content, this function will return axl_false. The content must not be confused with the node childs. A xml node (axlNode) could be empty but have childs at the same time (axl_node_have_childs).

The following xml code snipet shows a xml <data> node with childs that have content, but the parent node, <data> do not have content, therefore is empty.

1 <data>
2  <row>Some data</row>
3  <row>More content</row>
4 </data>

A node that is empty will return NULL data once called to axl_node_get_content.

nodeThe node to check for its empty status.
axl_true if the node is empty or axl_false if not.

References axl_false, axl_item_get_type(), axl_return_val_if_fail, axl_true, ITEM_CDATA, and ITEM_CONTENT.

Referenced by axl_dtd_validate(), and axl_node_are_equal_full().