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void axl_node_remove ( axlNode node,
axl_bool  dealloc 

Allows to remove the selected reference from the document containing it.

The function remove the selected reference from the document. If the node asked to be removed is the root one, the node won't be removed because the axl_doc_set_root doesn't accept to remove the root node.

All childs hold by the node removed from the document will also be removed if dealloc is selected.

nodeThe node to remove.
deallocaxl_true to also dealloc the memory used by the node. Setting this parameter to axl_false only unlinks the node from the document making possible to reuse the node in another part of the document or to move the node to a different document.

References axl_doc_get_root(), axl_doc_set_root(), axl_item_get_parent(), AXL_LEVEL_DEBUG, axl_node_free(), and axl_return_if_fail.

Referenced by axl_node_deattach().