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axlNode * axl_doc_get_root ( axlDoc doc)

Allows to get current root node for the given xml document, represented by the axlDoc instance.

Every XML document has a very first node, which enclose all childs found inside the document, that is called the root node. This xml node,

This function couldn't return NULL because every well opened xml document, always have a root node. However, the function could return a NULL value if the document received is a null reference.

docThe xml document (axlDoc) where the root node will be returned.
The root node (axlNode) or NULL if fails. Do not release (axl_node_free) result returned by this function. It is a reference to the internal document.

References axl_return_val_if_fail.

Referenced by axl_doc_iterate(), axl_doc_iterate_full(), axl_dtd_validate(), axl_node_parse(), axl_node_parse_strings(), axl_node_remove(), and axl_ns_doc_validate().