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const char * axl_doc_get_content_at ( axlDoc doc,
const char *  path_to,
int *  content_size 

Allows to get the node content for the final node provided by the path.

docThe (axlDoc) xml document where the content will be looked up.
path_toPath to the node where the content will be returned.
content_sizeAn optional reference to a variable to store the size of the content returned. If the function receives NULL, the content size will not be returned.
A reference to the content that the node have or NULL if fails. The function could fail either because the node doesn't have content or because the node identified by the path doesn't exist. The result returned must not be deallocated.

References axl_doc_get(), axl_node_get_content(), and axl_return_val_if_fail.