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axl_bool axl_doc_are_equal_full ( axlDoc doc,
axlDoc doc2,
axl_bool  trimmed,
axlError **  error 

Allows to check if the provided two references represents equivalent xml documents.

There is an alternative document checking function (axl_doc_are_equal_trimmed) which considered that content found inside a xml node is equal if they share the same information without considering white spaces found starting and ending both elements being checked.

This function considers that two documents are equal only and only if all nodes, attributes and content found is exactly, byte by byte, as found in the other document.

docThe first XML document to check.
doc2The second XML document to check.
trimmedAllows to configure if node content must be trimmed before checking them (axl_doc_are_equal_trimmed).
errorAn optional reference to an axlError node where difference information will be reported.
axl_true if both documents represents the same document, axl_false if not.