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axl_bool axl_doc_are_equal_trimmed ( axlDoc doc,
axlDoc doc2 

Allows to perform a document equal check against order, relaxing the checking done to contet found inside nodes.

This function works the same as axl_doc_are_equal but considering that two content are equal no matter which is the number of white spaces (in the W3C, ' ', \t, \r and \n) are found starting and ending the content.

Under this approach the both document aren't exactly the same, but usually, white spaces found starting and ending content have no meaning for the application processing xml. In the case you want a fully equal document checking you must axl_doc_are_equal

docThe document to check.
doc2The second document to check
axl_true if both documents are equal in the sense described, otherwise axl_false is returned.

References axl_true.