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axl_bool axl_doc_iterate_full_from ( axlDoc doc,
axlNode starting_from,
AxlIterationMode  mode,
axlIterationFunc2  func,
axlPointer  ptr,
axlPointer  ptr2 

Allows to perform a iteration operation but configuring where to start, discarding the rest content.

See axl_doc_iterate and axl_doc_iterate_full for more details. This function works the same like previous but, unlike previous, this function doesn't use the default starting point: the root node (axl_doc_get_root). The function allows to configure the node where to start the iteration operation.

This function is equivalent to axl_doc_iterate_full calling if it use the root node document as value for starting_from.

docThe xml document that will be iterated.
starting_fromThe axlNode where the operation will start, discarding all content from ascending nodes, previous siblings and following sibligins. From a iteration perspective, the iteration opeeration.
modeThe iterarion type to be performed.
funcThe function to be called for each node found.
ptrAn user defined pointer that will be passed to the callback function.
ptr2Second user defined pointer that will be passed to the callback function.
The function returns axl_true if the iteration was performed over all nodes or axl_false it it was stoped by the iteration function (by returning axl_false to stop the iteration). The function also axl_false if the parameters provided doc or func are not defined.

References axl_false, and axl_return_val_if_fail.