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void axl_node_set_content_ref ( axlNode node,
char *  content,
int  content_size 

Set the content for the provided node, reusing the reference provided, without making a local copy.

This function works like axl_node_set_content_ref but without copy memory provided. This allows reduce memory allocations if the memory was already allocated by the user space.

Because this function doesn't perform a copy, if the content received has to be escaped, the function will fail. To use this function the caller must ensure that entity references are used to especify the &, ', ", < or >.

If the node have content already configured, it is deallocated, configuring new content received.

nodeThe axlNode where the content will be set.
contentThe user space allocated content to be set to the node.
content_sizeThe content size.

References axl_false.