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axlNode * axl_ns_node_get_child_called ( axlNode parent,
const char *  ns,
const char *  name 

Allows to get a particular child node for the given node (axlNode), inside the provided namespace.

This function must be used instead of axl_node_get_child_called if your application must support XML 1.0 namespaces.

parentThe parent node where the child will be looked up.
nsThe namespace where the lookup will be run.
nameThe name for the child to search.
A refernce to a axlNode or NULL if no child exists called by the name provided, inside the node provided.

References axl_node_get_first_child(), axl_node_get_next(), and axl_ns_node_cmp().

Referenced by axl_ns_node_find_called().