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axl_bool axl_ns_node_is_prefixed ( axlNode node,
int *  position 

Allows to check if the provided node, has a name (tag) which is namespace prefixed.

The following name is considered namespace prefixed edi:price while using edi is not.

nodeThe node to be checked to have a name prefixed.
positionOptional variable where the position of the ":" inside the xml node name is returned. On axl_false, the value is configured to -1.
axl_true if the node is prefixed, otherwise axl_false is returned. The function also returns axl_false if the node reference received is NULL.

References axl_false, axl_node_get_name(), axl_return_val_if_fail, and axl_true.

Referenced by axl_ns_node_cmp().