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axlNode * axl_ns_node_find_called ( axlNode parent,
const char *  ns,
const char *  name 

Allows to find the first child called as provided inside the childs (including its descendants) hold by the parent provided, with namespace support.

This function must be used instead of axl_node_find_called if your application must support XML 1.0 namespaces.

This function is similar to axl_ns_node_get_child_called but it will look for a child node called as provided not only in direct childs hold by the parent but also on its all descendants, giving support to configure the namespace where the lookup will be run.

If you are looking for a function to search for a particular child node inside direct childs stored for the provided parent, then you must use axl_ns_node_get_child_called.

There is also a convenience function that allows to perform a lookup using as a reference a document (using the root node from it): axl_ns_doc_find_called.

parentThe parent where the lookup will be produced.
nsThe namespace where the node will be searched
nameThe name of the child to be looked up.
A reference to the node found (first instaned matching the name) or NULL if it fails to find a child.

References axl_node_get_first_child(), axl_node_get_next(), and axl_ns_node_get_child_called().