axl_bool ext_dns_message_send_udp_s ( extDnsCtx ctx,
extDnsSession session,
extDnsMessage message,
const char *  address,
int  port 

Allows to send a DNS message represented by message to the defined destination.

This is a conveniente function built on top of ext_dns_session_send_udp_s which allows to send a extDnsMessage directly instead of a dns message found in a buffer.

ctxThe context where the operation will take place.
sessionThe session that is going to be taken as reference to make the send operation to appear coming from it (which is required by DNS RFC while sending replies using UDP).
messageThe actual to be sent.
addressThe address destination or name where the message will be sent.
portThe destination port
axl_true if the message was sent, otherwise, axl_false is returned. The function also returns NULL when ctx, session, message, address or port aren't defined (NULL) or has wrong values (port <= 0).

References ext_dns_message_to_buffer(), and ext_dns_session_send_udp_s().