typedef struct _extDnsMessage extDnsMessage

Data type that represents a single DNS message.

The extDnsMessage is one of the most important API definition because is is used to create DNS messages or as a representation for messages received (via extDnsOnMessageReceived handler, usually configured by ext_dns_session_set_on_message or by ext_dns_ctx_set_on_message).

The extDnsMessage may represent a query or a reply (ext_dns_message_is_query), and when it represents an error reply, you can use several functions to know what is the exact error type (ext_dns_message_is_reject , ext_dns_message_is_name_error or ext_dns_message_is_answer_valid).

Every extDnsMessage object has a reference counting associated with it. You can use the following functions to acquire references to the object via ext_dns_message_ref and ext_dns_message_unref to release them.

Please, check the extDnsMessage API for more information about available options and libext-dns manual.