void vortex_sasl_start_auth ( VortexConnection connection,
const char *  profile,
VortexSaslAuthNotify  process_status,
axlPointer  user_data 

Begin SASL authentication process using the selected profile.

Starts the SASL authentication process using the selected profile for the client side. Available values for profile that are supported are:

Each profile requires different properties to be set using vortex_sasl_set_propertie. Check using SASL at client side for details.

This function performs all SASL operations in a non-blocking way for the caller. This means that the function returns once called and all notification about SASL process status is done through process_status.

If it is needed a blocking version for this function then vortex_sasl_start_auth_sync should be used.

See Using SASL at client side for a detailed explanation about SASL support inside Vortex for the client side.

connectionThe connection where the SASL authentication will be performed.
profileThe SASL profile selected.
process_statusAsynchronous notification for SASL process finish status. This handler is not optional. It has to be defined to get report about SASL status.
user_dataUser space defined data to be passed to process_status

References vortex_connection_get_ctx(), vortex_connection_is_ok(), vortex_sasl_is_authenticated(), vortex_thread_pool_new_task(), and VortexError.

Referenced by vortex_sasl_start_auth_sync().