typedef struct _VortexEventMask VortexEventMask

A type definition that allows to define a set of events that are ignored on a particular context.

The event mask (VortexEventMask) can configured on several context (VortexCtx) where PULL API is enabled.

A VortexEventMask has a string identifier defined by the user (it is not required) and has an activation state that allows to block the mask during a desired period.

A VortexEventMask is created by using vortex_event_mask_new. The following functions are used to add, remove and check events ignored by the mask:

Once configured mask is associated to a context (VortexCtx) to block events by using: vortex_pull_set_event_mask

Even having the mask installed, you can disable it temporally by using vortex_event_mask_enable.