axl_bool vortex_channel_send_rpyv ( VortexChannel channel,
int  msg_no_rpy,
const char *  format,

printf-like version for vortex_channel_send_rpy function.

This function is a wrapper to vortex_channel_send_rpy but allowing you to use a prinf-style message format definition.

channelthe channel where the message will be sent.
msg_no_rpythe message number to reply over this channel.
formata printf-like string format to build the message reply to be sent.
axl_true if message was queued to be sent, otherwise axl_false is returned.

NOTE: See MIME considerations described at vortex_channel_send_msg which also applies to this function.

References vortex_channel_send_rpy().

Referenced by vortex_channel_notify_close().