axl_bool vortex_channel_send_msgv ( VortexChannel channel,
int *  msg_no,
const char *  format,

Allows to send message using a printf-like format.

This function works and does the same like vortex_channel_send_msg but allowing you the define a message in a printf like format.

A simple example can be:

1 vortex_channel_send_msgv (channel, &msg_no,
2  "this a value %s",
3  "an string");

It uses stdargs to build up the message to send and uses strlen to figure out the message size to send. See also vortex_channel_send_msg.

channelthe channel used to send the message
msg_nothe msgno assigned to message sent
formatthe message format (printf-style)
the same as vortex_channel_send_msg.

NOTE: See MIME considerations described at vortex_channel_send_msg which also applies to this function.

References vortex_channel_send_msg().