axl_bool vortex_channel_send_err ( VortexChannel channel,
const void *  message,
size_t  message_size,
int  msg_no_rpy 

Allows to reply a message using ERR message type.

Sends a error reply to message received identified by msg_no_rpy. This function does the same as vortex_channel_send_rpy but sending a ERR frame, so take a look to its documentation.

NOTE vortex_channel_send_err is provided to enable sending BEEP ERR frames which may or may not include XML content, just like RPY or MSG type. This depends on the profile you are implementing.

Because of this, vortex_channel_send_err can't receive the error code and the message because it has to provide a more general API, for example, to send binary error messages.

In other words, if you want to use the error reply format used for BEEP channel 0 (and some other standard profiles) you will have to use vortex_frame_get_error_message and then provide the message created to vortex_channel_send_err.

channelthe channel where error reply is going to be sent
messagethe message
message_sizethe message size
msg_no_rpythe message number to reply
axl_true if message was sent or axl_false if fails

NOTE: See MIME considerations described at vortex_channel_send_msg which also applies to this function.


Referenced by vortex_channel_notify_close(), vortex_channel_send_errv(), and vortex_greetings_error_send().