VortexConnection * vortex_connection_new ( VortexCtx ctx,
const char *  host,
const char *  port,
VortexConnectionNew  on_connected,
axlPointer  user_data 

Allows to create a new BEEP session (connection) to the given host:port using TCP/IPv4 resolution and transport.

This is the IPv4 version support for BEEP session. If you need IPv6 support, see vortex_connection_new6.

See vortex_connection_new_full for complete documentation. This function implements the same behaviour than vortex_connection_new_full but without providing additional options (VortexConnectionOpts).

This function is implemented on top of vortex_connection_new_full.

ctxThe context where the operation will be performed.
hostThe remote peer to connect to.
portThe peer's port to connect to.
on_connectedOptional handler to process connection new status.
user_dataOptional handler to process connection new status
A newly created VortexConnection if called in a blocking manner, that is, without providing the on_connected handler. If you provide the on_connected handler, the function will return NULL, and the connection created will be notified on the handler on_connected. In both cases, you must use vortex_connection_is_ok to check if you are already connected.

References vortex_connection_new_full().